Revive, Restore, Rebuild

Happy August!

A new season for Marion Matters is on the horizon and we want to extend an invitation to our friends, community partners, and all our supporters to join us during the month of August to celebrate the programs that have equipped people to change their future story. Additionally, we are celebrating the expansion of new initiatives that will bring the community together and our new location, which will ultimately unite our area.Through the Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’ By World program, participants have gained the tools to overcome barriers and to set goals for advancement.From 2018 to 2020,38 employed participants/graduates increased their wages and/or were promoted,14 unemployed participants/graduates gained employment,31 participants/graduates decreased debt, and,7 participants/graduates became home-owners.In 2021, Marion Matters has set vision to revive relationships, restore resources, and rebuild hope in our neighborhood and throughout our community. In July, the staff at Marion Matters collaborated with the Marion County Neighborhood Association Steering Committee and the Peace and Freedom Committee to revive relationships in our neighborhood. Members of these organizations went door to door introducing themselves, learning about the needs and desires of the people living in the neighborhood, and building relationships with those individuals.When you financially support Marion Matters during the month of August you are supporting REAL change in Marion. Your contribution helps people build a foundation of hope for them and their families.Please consider a gift today!

Best Wishes,

Marion Matters Team

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